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Technical office with reliability and consistency since 2002


We build long lasting relationships of trust with our clients

Fully in line with the current requirements of energy savings in the building web, by applying modern scientific and technological methods, we solve problems, relating to the wide range of activities of the civil & electrical engineering.

  • We operate with respect and transparency towards the client.
  • We provide integrated solutions and services responsibly and rapidly.
  • We have a very good knowledge in terms of the bureaucratic procedures relating to the Agencies of the public sector.
  • We are known for our flexibility on technical issues thanks to our long collaboration with qualified professionals in every field.

Organization and orderliness

No matter the size of the project, our company’s main goal is to complete projects within a specific time frame and with a specific budget.

Responsibility & Consistency

We minimize the completion time of the projects that we undertake (we are well aware of the procedures and predict possible obstacles).

Experience & Know-how

We provide solutions to issues from which others resign (know-how and constant updating of legislative changes).

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Fast and Reliable


Protection of electrical appliances against hypertension and power outages

Our office fully undertakes with complete responsibility the installation of the automation system “Protection M.C.” which protects your electrical and electronic devices from hazards such as Lightning, poor contact of the neutral point, overvoltage and voltage drop due to damages in the PPC network, the electrical panel and more.

We study and manufacture energy-upgraded projects that meet the needs of the future.

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