Operating licenses for businesses

Our office covers any business activity that needs an operating license such as health care establishments, educational institutions, gyms, beauty salons, healthcare clinics, food workshops and more.

More specifically, for health care establishments our services include the following:

  • Prevalidation check (use of land, space functionality regarding the desired use, legality check etc.) till we find the desired space.

  • Issuing of all the necessary research and deposition of a completed dossier to the competent services (municipality, fire brigade/services etc.).
  • All the paperwork until you have obtained a license to operate.

We don’t only undertake the issuing of an operating license, we also take on the task of reporting the change of use to the city planning commission, in cases when that’s necessary, as well as their renovation, by suggesting affordable but most importantly functional solutions. Therefore, you know the total cost of the investment that you will have to do from the start, and you can decide if it is worth it to proceed with the space that is chosen.

ATTENTION: Before you decide if a space is suitable to house your business, you should ALWAYS consult with an engineer and a lawyer. That way you can avoid the renting or purchasing a space that unsuitable and can’t be issued a license due to various technical and legal hindrances.

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