(The Protection Policy)


  1. The following company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is responsible for the collection and any processing of personal data within the scope of the present:
  • Trading name: Maria Chatzigeorgiadou
  • Registered seat: Kallithea, Attiki (237, Eleftheriou Venizelou Av.)
  • Contact details: info@planstract.gr, 2109513513
    1. The Company acknowledges the importance of security of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures to ensure maximum possible security.
    2. The Company maintains the «www.planstract.gr» website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), to which visitors can freely browse (also referred to as “Users”), without collecting their personal data, unless otherwise specifically stated herein.
    3. For the purposes of the present, as Users are meant only natural persons, and as personal data, those personal data that fall within the relevant meaning and definition laid down by current legislation.
    4. In certain cases, cookies are used. A cookie is a piece of information that a website can store in the browser application used by the User and then retrieve it. The cookie may not be used by a website other than the one that created it. Most cookies are retained only for the duration of the visit to the website. In no case do cookies contain personal information or information that will allow anyone to communicate with the User of the website by phone, e-mail, or by any other means. The User is properly configured in the navigation application he uses to be notified whenever cookies are sent to be able to avoid them. In any case, the User is notified with appropriate indication on the Website that cookies are used and is asked to approve such use. If not approved, then cookies are not used, however, it may be difficult or even impossible to browse the Website. If approved, then cookies may be used.

The Company uses the following cookies:

  • Google analytics: These are analysis cookies provided by Google Inc. (which provides the appropriate safeguards by standard data protection clauses and, therefore, complies in principle with European data protection legislation) and provide us with statistics to understand how the Website is used by Users (number of users, location of user access to the website, duration of stay on the website, number of visits per subpage, etc.). These cookies are useful for understanding and improving User experience while visiting the Website. More specifically the following cookies are used:
  • _Gcl_au
  • CheckConnectionTempCookie160
  • GAPS
  • Google Adsense: These are advertising cookies that customize the advertising content to your liking and are provided by Google Inc. More specifically the following cookies are used:
  • IDE, id
  • Facebook pixel: These are advertising cookies that customize the advertising content to your liking and are provided by Facebook Inc. (which provides the appropriate safeguards by standard data protection clauses and, therefore, complies in principle with European data protection legislation). More specifically the following cookies are used:
  • datr, fr, lu, _fbp
    1. Collection of personal data – operation of “communication” function. The Company provides website Users with the possibility to send a message to the Company through the “COMMUNICATION” subpage. The Users’ data which are recorded by the Users and are stored, even temporarily, by the Company, are the following: (a) first name / surname/ trading name, (b) e-mail and (c) telephone number or/and mobile number. Personal data will be kept and used by the Company for the sole purpose of: (a) responding to the Users’ questions, (b) sending newsletter in the future once such service is enabled and (c) commercial communication via e-mail and telephone.
    2. Agreement to terms of use, confirmation of receipt of notice of this Policy and requirements to send newsletter and commercial communication. In the last step of the User’s data recordal by the latter and before these are collected and saved from the Company by sending the message, the User is called: (a) to fully agree with the Terms of Use of the Website, (b) to confirm that he took notice of the present Policy, (c) to state his interest in receiving in the future newsletters and (d) to provide his consent so that the User’s data are used for commercial marketing of same products or services if the Company. If the User does not agree with points (a) and (b) above, the process of sending the message is incomplete, cancelled and no personal data are stored (excluding cookies).
    3. The Company, in the context of the use of the Website and for the purposes mentioned above, transmits some or all User’s personal data to third parties (see above and under 5.):
  • All User’s personal data is stored on the server of a website hosting services company under the name ASKOPOULOS SAVVAS residing in Nea Ioania, Greece (22B Omorfoklissias Street, 14233).
  • User’s e-mail, name, and surname to a newsletter distribution services company by e-mail, when and if such a services is launched.
    1. Unless otherwise stated elsewhere herein, personal data are retained for five (5) years, unless the User requests their erasure earlier.
    2. Non-disclosure of personal data. The personal data that may be stated and collected in the above cases are not disclosed to third parties and in no way are made public or exploited by the Company unless otherwise specifically stated herein. The Company may disclose the above User data in cases stipulated by Greek law and if it is asked to do so by a public authority. The Company undertakes not to sell, lease or in any way make User data available to third parties for commercial exploitation. An exception to the abovementioned Company’s commitments towards the User, is the User’s explicit and written consent thereto.
    3. Right of access and rectification. In the context of User’s subscription, the latter sets a username and password that only he can know and with this information he is granted access to his recorded data on the Website which he or she can rectify and update. Therefore, only the User and the Company have access to the data entered by the User. The User may also request a copy of the personal data collected by the Company regarding the use of the Website as well as their rectification.
    4. Right to object and restriction of processing. Every User has the right to be informed, to object or restrict the processing of his/her personal data provided for by law.
    5. Right to erasure. In case a User whose personal data has been stored wishes to erase them, he or she may do so by request to the Company.
    6. Right to data portability. Upon User’s relevant request, the Company may send his/her personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, if this is technically feasible and easy.
    7. Procedure for exercising rights. The User may exercise the above rights upon a written request sent to the Company by registered letter or by e-mail to info@planstract.gr, accompanied by an identity document, namely, a photocopy of identity card or passport or by scanning these documents, for a fixed amount set by the Data Protection Authority or other competent Authority. The above identity documents are destroyed or erased upon completion of the processing of the request by the Company, otherwise after a period of six (6) months from receipt of the request.
    8. The contents of this Protection Policy may be subject to review at any time. In the event of such review, the Company may inform the Users by all available means, particularly, by email. In any case, Users may be strongly advised to check the content of the Website on a regular basis to be readily informed of the applicable Protection Policy.
    9. Any disputes arising from the present or from general issues of personal data protection and communication shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens and the applicable law shall be the Greek Law.