Photovoltaic panels – Net metering

Photovoltaic panels are one of the fastest developing renewable energy technologies in the world. It concerns systems that make use of solar energy by transforming it into electrical energy. In Greece depending on the way that they are used, they can be divided into two categories:

  • Reproduction systems with net metering: The energy that has been produced is stored in batteries and consumed on the spot in order to cover the owner’s energy needs.

Our office provides an entire array of services that are aimed at fulfilling the client’s wishes and needs in the best possible way. Our experience and our expertise in the energy field gives us the ability to suggest well-rounded solutions that include the following:

Study-design of the solar station: We visit the place where the solar station is going to be installed, and we draw elements by paying particular attention in order to compose a sound report. What then follows, is the creation of a dossier and the promotion of said to the respective agency in order to be granted a license to operate a solar system.

Funding: In collaboration with multiple banking groups we formulate innovative funding packages, adapted to the client’s individual needs.   

Installation: Using the approved report, we install branded, European standard goods that have multi-annual guarantees. We construct the project by paying special attention and by respecting the client’s ownership while the installation is done with technical perfection and aesthetics as a guide. At the same time, the excellent and constant training of our technical staff guarantees the solar station’s maximum yield.

Maintenance: We provide the potential for constant monitoring of the efficiency of the solar systems that we install, through annual maintenance contracts. Additionally, our technical (service) department covers every need that our clients may have immediately and in the best possible way.


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