We build the future by using the past as a building stone.


Establishment of the company

The activities of our technical office started in 2002, and our main occupations include building renovations, the creation of buildings that promote energy conservation and the provision of technical support regarding the electronic installations of private housing estates and businesses.


Protection M.C

In 2003 we promoted the Protection M.C. that protects electronic devices from voltage fluctuations, an innovation that established us in the energy field.


Expansion of activities

In 2006 our office expanded its field of activities to include the study and installation of photovoltaic panels (PV systems) that are both independent and dependent to PPC network. After the start of the program “photovoltaic panels on the roof” we focused on the study and the installation of high performance PV stations in private housing estates and businesses.


Clientele development

Aside from the sector of PV energy we held an equally dynamic presence in the construction field. A small fraction of the many services that we ‘ve offered throughout the years includes building authorisations, authorisations, the arrangement of arbitrary buildings, studies on energy efficiency, the provision of fire protection and electrological installations.



Today our office, continues to develop and grow vigorously, having excellence of service as a guide, while simultaneously offering it’s services with the outmost consistency and credibility.