Electrician’s certificate

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The electrician’s certificate (or else installer’s responsible declaration) concerns the control of the internal electrical installations of the properties. It’s compiled by a licensed electrician and is deposited to HEDNO S.A. It’s a very necessary paper and this specific inspection guarantees that the installation works safely and guarantees the safety of all the people that work there or visit that place.

Our office assumes the responsibility to issue this certificate within a few hours after a visit to your property. All we need from you is:

  • A copy of a recent PPC bill

If any errors or defects are found during the inspection, a new inspection needs to be done after the repair has been completed, in order to move forward with the issuing of the certificate, if all the necessary technical standards have to be met.

As we have an excellent knowledge of this matter, we can repair any error or defects that we may find immediately, in order to help you insure your property but also in order for you to obtain your certificate promptly.

You benefit from a 10% discount on your electrician’s certificate, if you use the services of our office in order to repair the operational errors of your electrical installation.

In order to be more helpful and to accommodate our clients, we, at a small additional cost, can deposit the certificate to HEDNO S.A.

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