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  • Repair Work
  • Civilian

  • April 8, 2017

  • Ellinorosson, Athens

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Project information

The stone wall of the ground floor of the building presented a lot of problems that were caused by humidity, because of the water inflow during the rain season through the joint between the building and the adjacent building. On the first stage, the problem was dealt by removing the rotten parts of the building that were placed on the perimeter of the joint, and by constructing a lock with enforced cement mortar and by placing an asphalt installation. Afterwards, the rotten parts of the building were removed and the gaps were filled with reparative material. Finally, the wall was reinforced with vertical reinforcement and special reparative mortar was applied.

The water inflow from the joint, caused the oxidization of the slab reinforcement of the overhead attic and the oxidization of the pillar which were both then restored.