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  • Repair Work
  • Civilian

  • November 24, 2016

  • Athens

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Project information

Placement of corrosion inhibitors made from 3rd generation gas-phase armament concrete that is done in three stages (Margel PVI 580 capsules made from QED Chemicals) in all the columns of the 3-floor building. Here’s how the capsule works:
Stage A: Evaporation of triethanol nitrate at a very high rate. Diffusion and sealing of the porous concrete with substantial restriction in oxygen and humidity. Creation of an ambionic protection hymen (protection of the anode and the descent) in the armament.
Stage B: Medium rhythm evaporation of the protection of the hymen from Stage A. Increase in the alkalinity of the concrete by 2-2,4 Ph degrees.
Stage C: Slow diffusion of monoethanolamine that acts as corrosion protection for the column’s steel reinforcements that are made from reinforced concrete.

The application of gas-phase inhibitors was done as a preventative measure in order to protect the steel reinforcement of the pillars that was made from reinforced concrete from corrosion.