Process of arbitrary arrangements

With the process of arbitrary arrangements, the collection and the enforcement of sanctions is suspended for the next 30 years for arbitrary constructions and arbitrary changes of use that have been done till the 28/07/2011. Also, properties that their bearing structure has been completed by this date are included in this process. You are given the option to legitimize the arbitrary spaces permanently and maintain them indefinitely for several categories of arbitrarities.

The process for the regulation of arbitrary spaces is summarized below:

  • Autopsy of your property that is done in person, that includes the mapping and the measurement of the entire construction, the collection of all the necessary certificates and the calculation of the cost of the fine.
  • Completion of the necessary files and affidavit statements by the owner, electronic commencement of the regulation process with the submission of an application that is done by the engineer, issuing of a unique number for the arbitrary space by the affiliation system and payment of the fee, update for the cost of the payment compared to the number of installments that have been selected.
  • Payment of the fee by the owner of the property to the banking institution of his choice, update of the TEE system withing 24 hours and activation of the process of integration in the law.

  • Collection of all the necessary documents, collection of the relevant designs and issuing of a certificate of regulation of the arbitrary spaces, a document that mentions all the details of the arbitrary space that has been integrated in the regulation process.

The certificates that are necessary for the regulation of arbitrary spaces are the following:

  • Authorization of the owner towards the engineer (with a certificate of authenticity of the signature).

  • N. 4495/17 and affidavit statements for all the details of the property, and it’s arbitrarity (with a certificate of authenticity of the signature).
  • Copy of the owners ID.
  • Copy of the most recent E9 statement.
  • Copy of the last contract of the ownership of the property.
  • Copy of the architectural designs from file of the building permits of the permit and the stem of the building permit, if they exist.
  • Private agreement with the engineer.

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