Certificates of energy efficiency

The issuing of a certificate of energy efficiency is done so that an energy classification of buildings can be done, which from the 01/01/2016 is mandatory for all buildings (except for several categories) so that they can be sold or rented.

More specifically, the issuing of a certificate of energy efficiency is mandatory for every:

  • New leasing of a section of building block (apartment) or every office space regardless of its surface.
  • Purchase – sale of an entire building or part of a building (apartment) regardless of its surface.

If you are obliged to issue a certificate of energy efficiency for the property that you are leasing, that certificate should be filled in the relevant fields of the electronic leasing statements that are submitted after the 09/11/2015 based on article 58, paragraph 3, N. 4342/2015.

The certificate of energy efficiency is valid for ten (10) years.

Our office undertakes the full responsibility for the issuing of a certificate withing 24 hours from the moment the property has been autopsied and the necessary certificates, which are mentioned below, have been provided to us. The necessary certificates are the following:

  • Title of property ownership
  • Property plan
  • Land registry number, if the property has been declared
  • Building permit for the property (for buildings after 1983)
  • Boiler maintenance sheet
  • Recent PPC bill

In any case our office can assume the responsibility for the collection of the certificates mentioned above (license, building plans) from the responsible town planning office.

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