Engineering certificates (N. 4495/17)

All the property transfers need to include with the attachment of an engineering certificate, which states that there are no arbitrary spaces.

We undertake, with the utmost credibility and responsibility, the issuing of an engineering certificate in a few hours after we have completed an autopsy of the property, and we have in our possession the following documents:

  • Property title for the ownership of the property

  • Building permit for the property

  • Approved architectural designs of the property

  • Documentation that legitimizes the regularizations or settlements

In any case our office can undertake the collection of the certificates that are mentioned above (license, building plans) from the responsible city planning commission.

The certificates are submitted electronically to the T.E.E. and are given a unique number that concerns the property, and afterwards, they are attached to the contracts. They are valid for two (2) months from the day that an autopsy has been done to the property.

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With the simultaneous  issuing of an Energy Certificate and an Engineering Certificate you benefit from a 10% discount.

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